Concerto for Cello and Orchestra

The concerto for cello and orchestra was written in 1987. It was commissioned by the Israel Chamber Orchestra and the Tel-Aviv foundation for literature and art and as such was given its premiere but that orchestra with Emanuel Gruber as soloist. Since then, it has undergone many changes and revisions. In its present form, (1996) it has three movements forming one dramatic episode.

The opening movement is a prelude in a quasi-baroque style reminiscent of some of Bach's Suites for the cello. It has the simple form of A-B-A. The second movement is an atmospheric Intermezzo based on two Sephardic songs. One is a very well known "Romancero", the other heard mostly in the background, is less known, almost forgotten.

The final movement - Postlude - is like the first movement, motoric and always rushing forward. It has a strange atmosphere with some Mahlerian elements. This kind of a Rondo-Burlesque movement catapults itself into a quasi moto perpetuo ending in an upward swing.

Noam Sheriff