Noam Sheriff, "Revival of the Dead,"(Mechaye Hametim),
Salzburg Festival July 2012.

The Israel Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta, Carl Hieger-tenor, Thomas Hampson-baritone, the Chollegiate Chorale, NY, Children Choir of the Salzburg Festival, 24.7.2012.

"Brilliantly conceived choral symphony" (NY Times)
"Monumental Cantata like-Symphony" (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)
"The public enthusiastically jumped from their seats" (Upper Austrian News)
"The endless standing ovations were given clearly for Noam Sheriff" (APA)

Noam Sheriff with Carl Hieger and Zubin Mehta. Photo: Silvia Lelli

New York Times, James R. Oestreich, 25/07/2012 (front page)

"A New Faith in Classical Music"

Noam Sheriff's brilliantly conceived choral symphony "Mechaye Hametim" ("Revival of the Dead"), written in 1985 and centering on the Holocaust. The concert was greeted warmly, even clamorously, by an almost full house.
Mr. Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic should consider taking the splendid Schoenberg- Sheriff program to New York City, where another audience sure to be receptive awaits, festival or no. The chorus, after all, is already there.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Gerhard Rohde, 07/28/2012

"He who wants to praise God, goes to a concert"

Even Noam Sheriff in his "revival of the dead" returns to ancient texts, which he surrounds with a tone gown of Western European music and Jewish tradition . The demand is enormous: The History of the Jews in the Diaspora, the Holocaust and the establishment of Israel is reflected in the multi-layered score, powerful tone outbursts, delicate passages, rhythmic and energetic accents - looks a little colorful sometimes, but everything is tight, expressive composed and still transparent.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 28-29.07.2012

"Shining fortissimo tribute"

In the monumental Cantata like-Symphony "Mechaye Hametim" one could witness two exceptionally expressive and powerful soloists.
Even Noam Sheriff's colorful, sometimes illustrative, sometimes almost incredibly clarifying, finally ending in roaring Hallelujah orchestral symphony took dedication and all the emphasis, intensity, display power of the soloists to make an impression of strength and faith healing triumph.

The Standard, Ljubiša Tošić, 07/26/2012

"Refined moments of sacred symphonic"

Noam Sheriff's  "Mechaye Hametim" has demonstrated in a very elegant way the fusion of various elements. The  clear and sovereign Israel Philharmonic Orchestra had implemented passages of subtle beauty which slipped into dark dissonances.

Sheriff also skillfully alternates between intimate and opulent orchestration. The cello has an important role. And it also celebrates melancholy glissandos reminiscent of klezmer, but here it is also an interesting deconstruction of this style. Skillfully, the integration of cantors singing and its integration with vocal masses. This leads to specific layers - for example, when the speaker parts of Hieger and Thomas Hampson are surrounded by the choir.

Upper Austrian News, Michael Wruss, 26/07/2012

"Enthusiastically jumped up from their seats"

Main work of the evening was "Mechaye Hametim" (revival the dead) by the Israeli composer and conductor Noam Sheriff. With a strong symbolic Music association Sheriff  associated traditional prayers and melodies to a four-movement symphony. His musical language is rooted in the Jewish and the Western tradition and is in a way universal, which may explain out the immediate emotional understanding of the public who enthusiastically jumped from their seats.

Salzburg's culture newspaper on the Internet, Gottfried Francis Kasparek, 26/07/2012

"Jewish spirituality"

Sheriff is one of the leading composers and conductors of Israel.
His symphony for soloists, chorus and orchestra "Mechaye Hametim" (The Revival of the Dead), premiered in 1987 in Amsterdam, was at the center of the concert by the Israel Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta in the context of the "spiritual overture." For the first time music was played by Noam Sheriff in Salzburg. The 77 year old took the "standing ovations" of the enthusiastic audience in the Felsenreitschule excited and emotionally moved.

The work focuses on Hebrew and Yiddish texts, the tragic story of the Jewish people, the time before, during and after the Holocaust.  Sheriff  is not afraid of "Simple" triads nor romantic cantilena, especially in the lower strings. Impressively, he combines synagogal, Klezmer and moderate Western avant-garde techniques into his musical language. The huge orchestra with lots of percussion is equally balanced by voluminous men's and children's choir. With back-stage trumpets and in-the-auditorium positioned trombones  impressed the anthemic Hallelujah finale.

SVZ, Florian Oberhummer, 26/07/2012

"Thunder-sounds and wailing sounds"

In the center of the opening concert was Noam Sheriff's "Mechaye Hametim," a large-scale vocal symphony, from the year 1985. Telling the story of the Jews in Europe, sheriff used tonal and atonal elements, archaic fanfares, but also angelic children's choir. Especially "The Holocaust" movement is a compositional mastery: Rugged brass signals tell of impending danger, a Yiddish folk song penetrate Marsh-shreds, outbursts of orchestra and Choir. So subtle and oppressive can the genocide be described in sounds.
Star baritone Thomas Hampson and the opera tenor and cantor Carl Hieger met the requirements extraordinarily. At the end, the introspective keynote with powerful percussion accelerated in order to discharge the "Hallelujah" of the great sound of the choirs.
A standing ovation after a thrilling concert hour.

APA, Christoph Lindenbauer 07/25/2012

"Revival of the dead, The Jewish way"

No one in Salzburg knew the 77 years old Israeli composer Noam Sheriff. None of his many works had been performed ever here. Until yesterday, Tuesday evening. In the "Spiritual Overture" at the Salzburg Festival, the Jewish side of musical spirituality was on the program, and it brought with it a number of surprises. Very successful surprises, like the audience at the end of this great concert  expressed his reaction, and rightly so, in standing ovations for the recently discovered Israeli composer.
This great symphonic sacred work tells the story of the Jewish people in just a musical hour. Plastic, quite pathetic, accurate, emotional, playful and highly dramatic. The scraps of rhythms, one effect follows the other, and yet "Mechaye Hametim" is never banal or  overloaded and always with sense of good taste. A refreshingly vibrant symphony, brimming great thematic ideas and sonority has fallen on the Salzburg unprepared audience. This large Jewish sacred symphony is difficult to perform and therefore will probably not enter the standard concert repertoire in Central Europe. Sheriff's musical originality, craftsmanship, connoisseurship and above all the work's impact makes it worth exactly that.
The endless standing ovations were given clearly for Noam Sheriff.

Courier, Peter Jarolin, 07/26/12

A real event was the work "Mechaye Hametim" by the composer Noam Sheriff. Born 1935 in Israel, he describes in his four-movement symphony, the life and sufferings of the Jewish people before and after the Holocaust. A touching often evocative Jewish work.
Standing ovation for everyone, especially for Noam Sheriff.

New Voralsberger newspaper, 26/07/12

"Standing Ovations for Sheriff"

Huge success for the work of the Israeli composer Noam Sheriff in "Overture spiritual."

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